Professional LED Luminaires for Public Lighting

Roads and highways, parks and open squares, residential areas, parking lots or other public spaces – we can provide the LED lighting products that match your city’s lighting requirements. See our most popular outdoor product categories. For full product details, contact us.


Outdoor Public Lighting

Streetlights Pole (SLP)

Replacement solutions for the ultimate in LED street lighting and lighting management system

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Suspended Streetlights (SLS)

Suspended street lighting with energy-efficient LED technology

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Streetlight Engines (SLE)

Whether it’s a heritage lantern or an old streetlight, we have a retrofit LED solution that will fit

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Streetlight Bulbs (SLB)

Full range of LED retrofit street lighting for different types of applications –without changing the luminaires

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Urban Lights (UL)

Bring life after dark to parks, paths, residential areas and other public spaces

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Floodlights (FL)

Powerful LED luminaires to light areas of interest, such as bridges, water features, facades or parking lots

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