Smart City Platforms

Smart City Platforms

Novalume’s Smart City Solutions

Transforming street lighting into a network of smart devices makes cities more intelligent, safer and more attractive. Our  smart street lights with Novapublic (Public Wi-Fi) and Lumintell (Lighting Management System and City Intelligence) are the backbone of your Smart City.


Making the city ‘smart’

Becoming a Smart City means unlocking the potential of technology to improve sustainability and urban performance – making the most efficient use of your city’s assets and finding new ways to improve public services. With its starting point in your city’s lighting infrastructure, Novalume specializes in providing technology for Smart Cities and the systems for using this technology.

NOVAPUBLIC™ and LUMINTELL™ are the keys to the Smart City. NOVAPUBLIC™ provides you a Public Wi-Fi network and a platform for Smart City applications, such as traffic optimization or pollution monitoring, to improve public services. LUMINTELL™ is the wireless lighting management system for making the most efficient use of your city’s assets.

Achieve more with less

Using your streetlights as the foundation for Smart City initiatives provides a seamless and cost-effective transition from the present to the future. We offer a clear path from where you are to where you want to be. Not only we will guide you along that path, with our smart lighting systems you are already on your way. That’s Smart.

LUMINTELL and NOVAPUBLIC solutions for a Smarter City


Our street lighting solutions can be combined with our smart lighting systems NOVAPUBLIC™ and LUMINTELL™. NOVAPUBLIC™ provides you a Public Wi-Fi network and a platform for Smart City applications to improve public services. LUMINTELL™ is the city lighting management system for wireless control and monitoring of your street lighting to make the most efficient use of your city’s assets.