Public Wi-Fi for the Smart City

Public Wi-Fi prepare your city to meet the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow. In the age of the ‘Internet of Things’, more and more devices are digitally connected – with NOVAPUBLIC™, your city is too. NOVAPUBLIC™ offers a city-wide Wi-Fi network with minimal cost, rapid deployment, and no need to clutter your city’s streets with extra poles, boxes or cabinets.

Satisfy the ever-increasing need for Internet connectivity and bandwidth in public places, making your city more attractive to citizens, tourists and businesses. At the same time, Public Wi-Fi is the backbone of the Smart City. As a platform for Smart City applications, such as traffic monitoring, pollution control or video surveillance, NOVAPUBLIC™ future-proofs your city for coming technological advances.



What NOVAPUBLIC™ can do for you


Fast connection

Provide citizens, tourists and businesses with reliable Internet access – faster than a classic Internet mobile connection



LED lighting technology and Wi-Fi network equipment in one luminaire


Direct communication

Communicate directly with the public by displaying messages on their device screens and promote your city


Data analytics

Collect data anonymously from the users’ Wi-Fi devices, giving you the information to improve public services


Smart city ready

Launch applications to enhance urban performance –incorporate modules for traffic and pollution monitoring and more



Streamlined solution – with no extra poles, boxes or cabinets – for a fast, cost-effective and uncluttered installation

NOVAPUBLIC™ in short

  • “NOVAPUBLIC™ is a Public Wi-Fi network for the smarter and more connected city.“
    Peter G.Technology Manager
  • “NOVAPUBLIC™ gives you the immediate benefits of citywide connectivity and the foundation for building a Smart City.“

    Jakob Meiland HansenCEO