Smart City Lighting Management System

LUMINTELL™ is a wireless lighting management system and city intelligence that maximizes your city’s energy and maintenance savings. Every streetlight is connected to an online monitoring and control application at, where you can access advanced dimming options and analytics tools. LUMINTELL™ gives you the power to light intelligently, by lowering the energy level when full power isn’t needed. This extends the lifetime of your luminaires and lets you save even more energy on top of the massive savings from upgrading to LED.

Lighting needs are not uniform across a whole city, nor are they the same at every time of the day, during different seasons, or when there are special occasions. LUMINTELL™ offers precision dimming controls, and the ability to create and manage virtually limitless dimming profiles to optimize your lighting and saving. Advanced configurable reporting, including failure analysis reports and energy analysis, simplifies analytics and saves money on maintenance. You are in complete control, but LUMINTELL™ does the work for you.



What LUMINTELL™ can do for you


Wireless Remote control

LED luminaires are controlled and monitored remotely, individually or in groups


Smart scenarios

Configurable ON/OFF/dimming control with scheduling and advanced dimming profiles



Streetlights are wirelessly connected to a powerful web-based server application with TALQ compatibility


Network map

Dynamic map shows each LED luminaire and its parameters, including power consumption


Real-time adjustments

Real-time individual and group
control for segments, junctions and neighborhoods


Smart analytics

Maintenance reports, advanced configurable reporting and energy-saving analysis


  • “LUMINTELL™ is a complete and future-proof wireless solution for advanced lighting control and energy optimization.“
    Jakob Meiland HansenCEO
  • “Manage your dimming profiles online with ease and precision: you are in complete control, and LUMINTELL™ does the work for you.“
    Thomas M.IT Manager