Smart City and Lighting Management System

Lumintell™ is a state-of-the-art Smart City and Lighting Management System that transforms your street lighting infrastructure into an IoT-ready network. It can reduce your city’s lighting energy costs and CO2 emissions by up to 75%, while minimizing maintenance costs. Lumintell™ connects an unlimited number of luminaires in one network. Thanks to the innovative Lumintell™ Node and Deployment and Maintenance App, the system is completely wireless and deployment is fast and cost-effective. From the easy-to-use and intuitive online application you can control, manage and monitor your streetlights with advanced group dimming options, alerts, live notifications, performance graphs and analytics tools.

With Lumintell™ your streetlights become a network of smart and connected devices. The Lumintell™ Node plug-and-play solution quickly connects your city and allows you, as a city leader or operator, to launch Smart City applications by seamlessly integrating the sensors you need into your Lumintell™ network. The online application serves as your Smart City dashboard by collecting, processing and visualizing smart data from the sensors in a way that creates value for your city. Whether your priority is sustainability, energy efficiency, savings or improving the quality of life of your citizens, Lumintell™ is the solution for your Smart City.


What LUMINTELL™ can do for you


Up to 30%

additional energy savings on top of the savings from switching to LED lighting (up to 50%)


30 to 50%

maintenance costs reduction thanks to the Lumintell™ Maintenance & Service platform


Up to 30%

CO2 emissions reduction to promote greater environmental responsibility


Fast deployment

thanks to the ‘plug-and-play’ Lumintell™ Node and the Lumintell™ App


Data-driven decisions

with reports, energy-savings analysis and Smart Data from sensors


Future-proof solution

with ready-for-future connectivity and wireless technologies



and modern Lumintell™ Front and Back End for city managers and light operators


IoT Plugins

and Public Wi-Fi with open API for integration to larger systems


Revolutionary node

technology, compatible with any existing or new lighting fixture


  • “Manage your dimming profiles online with ease and precision: you are in complete control while LUMINTELL™ does the work for you.“
    Thomas M.IT Manager
  • “LUMINTELL™ is a future-proof wireless solution for advanced lighting control, energy optimization and IoT-ready infrastructure.“
    Kim Krahl LarsenCEO
  • Thanks to your existing street lighting infrastructure and the LUMINTELL™ network, you can connect your city, optimize your energy consumption and maintenance costs, get smart insights from sensors, and make your city more efficient, intelligent and sustainable.
    Kim Krahl Larsen
  • “LUMINTELL™ gives you the immediate benefits of citywide connectivity and the foundation for building a cost-effective Smart City infrastructure.“

    Jakob Meiland HansenCEO