Smart City and Lighting Management System

LUMINTELL™ is a Smart City and wireless lighting management system that reduces your city’s energy and maintenance costs (up to 75% with LED lighting). Every streetlight is connected to an online monitoring and control application at, where you can access advanced dimming options and analytics tools. LUMINTELL™ gives you the power to light intelligently, by lowering the energy level when full power isn’t needed. This extends the lifetime of your luminaires and lets you save even more energy on top of the massive

savings from upgrading to LED. But city lighting management is just the beginning. LUMINTELL™ provides a cost-effective Smart City infrastructure with an IoT-ready network to make your city even smarter. We can design a LUMINTELL™ network to your exact requirements using a modular system with pre-configured sensors provided by our partner ecosystem. Whether your priority is sustainability, energy efficiency, savings or improving the quality of life of your citizens, LUMINTELL™ is the solution for your Smart City.



What LUMINTELL™ can do for you


Smart City

Cost-effective Smart City infrastructure with sensors connectivity ready


Up to 75% Savings

Up to 75% energy savings and reduction of CO2 Emissions with our smart street lights


One for All

Control of an unlimited number of luminaires in one application


Smart Insights

Smart insights with KPI, energy savings analysis and smart data from your IoT network


Easier Maintenance

Easier maintenance planning and scheduling with real-time operating and failure analysis reports



Very intuitive and user-friendly web-based application for both city managers and light operators


Public Service

Improved light quality, public safety and citizen satisfaction



Fast and cost-effective deployment thanks to your existing lighting infrastructure



Smart dimming control with group’s scheduling and real-time adjustments


  • “Manage your dimming profiles online with ease and precision: you are in complete control while LUMINTELL™ does the work for you.“
    Thomas M.IT Manager
  • “LUMINTELL™ gives you the immediate benefits of citywide connectivity and the foundation for building a cost-effective Smart City infrastructure.“

    Jakob Meiland HansenCEO
  • Thanks to your existing street lighting infrastructure and the LUMINTELL™ network, you can connect your city, optimize your energy consumption and maintenance costs, get smart insights, make your city more efficient, intelligent and sustainable.
  • “LUMINTELL™ is a future-proof wireless solution for advanced lighting control, energy optimization and IoT-ready infrastructure.“
    Jakob Meiland HansenCEO