Upgrade your Smart City as you go

Simple solutions are often the best. Using your streetlights as the foundation
for Smart City initiatives provides a seamless and cost-effective transition from the present to the future.
We offer a clear path from where you are to where you want to be. Not only will we guide you along that path,
with our Lumintell™ Smart City system you are already on your way. That’s Smart.

Data harvesting and sensor connectivity ready

LUMINTELL™ provides a cost-effective Smart City infrastructure with an IoT-ready network.
We can design a Lumintell™ network to your exact requirements
using a modular system with pre-configured sensors provided by our partner ecosystem.
Whether your priority is sustainability, energy efficiency, savings or improving
the quality of life of your citizens, Lumintell™ is the solution for your Smart City.


  • “LUMINTELL™ gives you the immediate benefits of citywide connectivity and the foundation for building a cost-effective Smart City infrastructure.“

    Jakob Meiland HansenCEO
  • “LUMINTELL™ is a future-proof wireless solution for advanced lighting control, energy optimization and IoT-ready infrastructure.“
    Kim Krahl LarsenCEO
  • Thanks to your existing street lighting infrastructure and the LUMINTELL™ network, you can connect your city, optimize your energy consumption and maintenance costs, get smart insights from sensors, and make your city more efficient, intelligent and sustainable.
    Kim Krahl Larsen
  • “Manage your dimming profiles online with ease and precision: you are in complete control while LUMINTELL™ does the work for you.“
    Thomas M.IT Manager