We Are Novalume, We Make Cities Smart

Novalume is an innovative Danish company that is committed to delivering complete Smart City lighting solutions. In collaboration with well-known financial institutions around the world, we offer LED public lighting, communication and financial solutions that make investing in LED and Smart City technology pay for itself. Thanks to our ‘pay-as-you-save’ model, Novalume provides smart financing solutions that can both ensure a completely new LED lighting solution with IoT-ready network and drastically reduce the electricity costs and CO2 emissions of its customers by up to 75%.

At Novalume we will tailor you a customized solution to fit your specific needs and requirements in terms of savings, energy-efficiency, sustainability and Smart City infrastructure. We are with you in every step of your green transition and transformation process, advising on smart systems, sensors and IoT, customizing your payment plan, and delivering and installing your Smart City solution. Not only do we make going green the most advantageous financial model, we also make it easy and effortless.

We provide complete Smart City Solutions

Your full satisfaction as a client is our most important focus and task. We are committed to delivering the best quality in every one of our products and services. That’s why Novalume takes responsibility for each stage of the process – from the Project Definition and Energy savings Calculation to Financing and Customer Service. We do this to ensure the selection of the best LED technology and the delivery of the most relevant Smart City solution for your city.

The complete Smart City solution is delivered, installed and covered by a Novalume warranty and aftersales service.

We support the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact

This major United Nations initiative encourages the integration of social, environmental and governance principles in business activities. In the framework of the United Nations Global Compact, Novalume is committed to supporting and implementing the ten fundamental principles relating to human rights, labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption. 

With regard to ethical behavior and corporate social responsibility, Novalume’s ambition is to be an exemplary company worldwide and integrates business ethics into the very heart of its business practices. Novalume’s Code of Conduct is the reference document for these practices and the daily professional life of every cooperation partner. It helps each and every one of us to do the right thing and it applies to all staff and cooperation partners of the Novalume group and its subsidiaries worldwide.

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Novalume Values

We are Passionate, Innovative, Reliable, Solution-Oriented and Eco-friendly

These are the core values that define the Novalume culture. They guide us in our daily work, in the way we do business. They guide us in our commitment to our customers – a commitment that is bound by trust and professionalism.

At Novalume, our vision is to develop the best-in-class lighting solutions and enable our customers to achieve more. Our vision, values and ethical principles guide us in our everyday actions.

To know more about Novalume and the management team, please read the Novalume Corporate brochure.

We are dedicated to exceeding our clients expectations

Several municipalities worldwide have already chosen Novalume as their preferred turnkey lighting solutions provider to improve their light quality and public services, implement smart lighting systems with energy optimization and sensors, cut their energy costs and significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Their satisfaction is testament to Novalume’s innovative and customer-centric approach to improving energy efficiency and sustainability for people to grow and thrive.

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Energy-efficient lighting solutions can help municipalities to reduce environmental impact, save a lot on electricity costs and increase the quality of life of citizens.

Jakob Meiland Hansen, CSO