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Here you will find useful information to download about the Novalume company.


Here you can download the Novalume corporate and marketing material

Corporate Information

  • Novalume Corporate Profile (v5.1) DOWNLOAD
  • United Nations Global Compact “Communication On Progress” (COP2018) READ
  • United Nations Global Compact “Communication On Progress” (COP2019) READ

Code of Conduct

Novalume Code of Conduct (v2.4) DOWNLOAD

Other Resources

Novalume Glossary (v3.0) DOWNLOAD

LED FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions DOWNLOAD


Here you can download resources about the Lumintell™ Smart City solution for municipalities and professional customers.

Lumintell™ system for Cities

LUMINTELL™ Smart City & Lighting Management System Brochure (v4.3) DOWNLOAD

Lumintel™ Nodes Datasheet

Lumintell™ Nodes Datasheet (v3.6): DOWNLOAD

Lumintell™ App

Install the Lumintell™ Deployment and Maintenance App via The Google Play Store here

Privacy Policy (v1.0) DOWNLOAD

LED Luminaires

Below you will find an overview of Novalume products. To download Product Data-sheets, please go to the PRODUCT page

Products Overview

Novalume Outdoor Products Overview (v2.0) DOWNLOAD

Installation Manuals

  • Flood Lights Installation Manuals: DOWNLOAD
  • Street Lights Installation Manuals: DOWNLOAD
  • Urban Lights Installation Manuals: DOWNLOAD


Before publishing any material online or offline with the Novalume logo or Novalume trademarks, please ask for Novalumes approval at

Novalume Logo

The NOVALUME logo exists in black or white letters. Please click the link below to download both versions in print and web resolution DOWNLOAD
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Company Name

Common mistakes
  • Nova Lume with a space between words
  • novalume in lowercase
 The proper way to write the company name is Novalume in one word, with a capital letter for N, or NOVALUME in capital letters.

Lumintell™ Trademark

The Novalume A/S company is the owner of the LUMINTELL™ trademark and its logo. The Lumintell logo exists in black or white letters. Please click the link below to download both versions in print and web resolution DOWNLOAD