Unión Temporal de Mocoa, Colombia

Unión Temporal de Mocoa, Colombia

Financial, social and environmental benefits

A complete modernization of Mocoa’s public lighting infrastructure resulted in significant energy savings, improved quality of life for citizens, and a foundation for Smart City upgrades in the future.




annual reduction in electricity consumption


years payback period


years product lifetime

289 t

annual reduction in CO2 emissions

Novalume supplied 2,700 LED luminaires, which are vastly more efficient and effective than the old sodium lamps they replaced. The new luminaires are configured with a basic photocontrol sensor but are equipped with a NEMA socket, making it easy to upgrade them with the Lumintell™ Smart City and

Lighting Management System at a later date. The whole solution was financed with Novalume’s ‘Pay-as-you-save’ financing plan and will allow the municipality to pay off the investment using the generated savings in 5.5 years, well within the warranty period of 7 years and the expected lifetime of 20 years.

“The Novalume solution made it possible for Mocoa to ‘Go Green’ with financial, social and environmental benefits.”

E. Escobar, CSO at Novalume Colombia