Ekopak Plus, Poland

A Worthwhile Investment in Light and Sustainability

Ekopak Plus produces high-quality corrugated and embossed cardboard boxes. It is a leading company in the global packaging industry and, thanks to a recent partnership with Novalume, a leader in sustainability as well.

In 2014 the company set the goal of bringing down energy consumption in production areas, with the main focus on upgrading factory lighting systems, which were outdated and inefficient.



annual reduction in electricity consumption


years payback period


years product lifetime


annual reduction in CO2 emissions

A reduction of 70% in energy consumption means that Ekopak Plus enjoys a return on investment (ROI) in less than three years. The system pays for itself in less than half the 6-year warranty period.

The technical lifetime of the new Novalume Linear High Bay fixtures is 11.3 years – four times longer than the payback period and nearly twice as long as the warranty period.

“My company has energy-efficient lighting that allow for a 70% savings over our former lighting system. This will easily pay back my original investment.“

Adriana Maciejewska-Bondarewska, Managing Director, Ekopak Plus