Calvisano City, Italy

Calvisano City, Italy
Calvisano Municipality

Improved public lighting with economic benefits

The Municipality of Calvisano turned to Novalume to improve its lighting infrastructure, significantly reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions, and replace environmentally hazardous lamps.

All this had to be achieved under the financial constraint of not increasing spending on street lighting and providing a return on investment within the warranty period of the new luminaires.



annual reduction in electricity consumption


years payback period


years product lifetime


annual reduction in CO2 emissions

The level of illumination throughout the city was significantly improved. Electricity consumption was reduced by 66%, exceeding the target, and maintenance and management costs have been reduced thanks to the high quality products and controllable system.

The payback period is less than 4 years, well within the warranty period of 5 years. The technical lifetime of the installation is calculated to be 12.8 years, more than 3 times the payback period. The project has given the municipality immediate positive cash flow.

“Every day we work to deliver a better service for our inhabitants and getting tools like LED lighting that we can monitor and control is a big help. The generated energy savings are used for other relevant projects and better lighting is something that benefits every-body and also makes our municipality look better.“

Mr. Cerutti, Esco Brixia