Smart City Lighting Solutions

Novalume delivers complete solutions with LED lighting+Lumintell™+IoT-ready network+Financing
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Up to 75% savings

Novalume reduces your city's energy consumption, maintenance cost and CO2 emissions by up to 75%
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“Pay-as-you-save“ Financial Model

Novalume simply uses a part of your savings to pay your Smart City upgrade
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Novalume is a Danish company that works towards more innovative and greener lighting solutions for smart cities. Watch Novalume’s Smart City  film above or download Novalume’s Corporate Profile below to learn more


Expect more from your public lighting infrastructure
with our Smart City and IoT-ready network!


Smart City System


City lighting management and control is just the beginning. LUMINTELL™ provides an IoT-ready network to make your city even smarter.

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Our Customer Stories

Several municipalities worldwide have already chosen Novalume as their preferred Smart City lighting solutions provider to improve their light quality and public services, implement the Lumintell™ Smart City system with energy optimizations, cut their energy costs and significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Their satisfaction is testament to Novalume’s customer-centric approach.

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